Thursday, May 5, 2011

Color Scheme question

So I believe I have a good color scheme "finally" in mind for my Tyranids. Basically a gold with Blue/Lightblue for the underskin. Gold is for shells and for claws.

Should be interesting to paint....

Getting ready for my vacation I am making it more like a painting and put together an army vacation. The army I will be slapping together is a white scars army. Lots of bikes, some heavy support.

Looks like I need at least 2 more landspeeders, maybe another razorback. Also need to prep my current razor back to actually have magnitized exchangeable weaponry.

Color scheme, base of white but I am thinking of streaming red lightning like a night lords paint scheme except instead of maize and blue and frilly bat wing head pieces that it is base white, Red Trim, with the red/Yellow lightning on the plates.

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