Thursday, May 5, 2011

Color Scheme question

So I believe I have a good color scheme "finally" in mind for my Tyranids. Basically a gold with Blue/Lightblue for the underskin. Gold is for shells and for claws.

Should be interesting to paint....

Getting ready for my vacation I am making it more like a painting and put together an army vacation. The army I will be slapping together is a white scars army. Lots of bikes, some heavy support.

Looks like I need at least 2 more landspeeders, maybe another razorback. Also need to prep my current razor back to actually have magnitized exchangeable weaponry.

Color scheme, base of white but I am thinking of streaming red lightning like a night lords paint scheme except instead of maize and blue and frilly bat wing head pieces that it is base white, Red Trim, with the red/Yellow lightning on the plates.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More KISS ideas for Simple plots in Rogue Trader RPG

A few things I like to do that make the game fun for my players is build interesting NPCs by interesting I mean:

1. Has depth. If the players interact with given NPC then the NPC really stops becoming this nameless entity and starts having a soul.

2. Interesting short term goals. NPCs have goals, if the pcs know what those goals are through interaction maybe the NPC could work with them.

3. DOES NOT ALWAYs BACK STAB THEM. too many times GMs back stab PCs at every turn. I usually find a good ratio in a normal setting is 1/3rd. In a wretched hive of scum and villainy it should be 2/3rds of the time

S0 lets take an example. Lets say I got a simple faceless npc. He happens to be the guy who has the grox dogs cart in front of the Inquisitorial building. Now why is this interesting. Well first off if your a grox dog vendor IN FRONT OF AN INQUISITORIAL BUILDING you probably have to be the following type of normal character:

1. Loyal to the Imperium (your customers are related to the Inquisitorium)
2. Probably make decent money during lunch time
3. Make sure all the ingredients are things that are licensed and law abiding
4. Old or a former veteran or worker that is retired to selling Grox Dogs.
5. Last tasty bit.... probably can easily recognize people who are regulars and who tips and who does not.

See how that picture builds up? Number 5 is the depth so is 4. What did he survive? does he an artificial leg and arm due to injuries suffered at some point in time? does he drone on about "THE WAR". Does he sing Battle hymn of the imperium a lot? Is this a returnable character in the right setting?

Yes to all.

Does this mean he may screw you? Maybe depending on how the party behaves and if they menti0n anything they shouldn't.

Does this mean that the Grox Dog vender cart guy may have knowledge on how to approach certain types of people in the build? yes.

So there you go.

Creating a process to create my armies

Had a thought this morning, and this is probably not a unique thought. But it seems I have a round about way of completing my models. This results in well random models all over the place in my computer room/construction room.

Solution: Build a work bench/area that can have the following:

1. Construction area

2. Green goo area

3. Sitting area (on deck area)

4. Paint drying area

5. Finishing area

This may need that I need to organize all my parts in accordance with the models that need to get built.

Then I need a figure display case or something else where I can store minis upright.....


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rupturing my brain and 2nd thoughts on genestealers

I gotten back into the swing of things 40K with my Nids.

I believe nids are some of the most annoying things to throw together but at the same time creative.

Due to the fact of being creative people prefer to do less work choose a different race.

My tau army for instance, pretty fing easy to put together

But for my Army with 2 Harpies, 3 Tervigons and 2 Tyrranofexes? Oh you need a Doom of malantai too? its green stuff city.

But the real reason for my post is that this guy got 4th place with an army list that all I can all the stuff I don't use.

I have to say is that i thought genestealers were fing worthless and used for target practice. Then this guy uses a ton of them to get 4th place.

This sounds like another case of "used correctly".

So I looked him up here:


In any case will post with my "too many wounds lists" soon enough

No more metal? what are the impacts?

So now there is a pretty solid confirmed rumor about "No more metal minis wil lbe produced by Games workshop".

I think this is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

First I invested alot of time/grief/money into pinning, vice grips dremel bits and other things

How ever....

Its a pain to put together minis.
Case in point i had this old Hive Tyrant: that looks like something like the picture below. Well this Things head is all Metal peuter and a pain in the ASS to glue together (WAY TOO TOP HEAVY). My friend gave it to me because he was done with nids and wanted to get me hooked (I did re-addict him to wow in return). In any case afte I finished it this thing had about 3 guitar wires through it to support it. Yes alot of work and pain. Now I have ot do an inventory and look to see what is left that I need and get it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pinning...or How do I get those cumbersome metal minis not to fall apart

I been doing alot of pinning. Pinning is the excercise of taking two metal parts of a metal mini, drilling a hole into both then glueing them together (as outlined here ). So far 2 more venomthropes done...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ettiquette when playing a public game of 40K

One of the amazing things that I notice whe nI play is enforcement of Ettiquette. Certain social norms that must be enforce by both players. For example: Kibbittzing. This i when some one starts giving a player advice during a playing game. It is both players responsibilities ot tell h guy to hush. Rules explanations are different but dont push it.